What Grandparents Should Understand About Their Children and Grandchildren

What Grandparents Should Understand About Their Children and Grandchildren

Having grandchildren is one of the benefits of getting older. But it can also be frustrating for some grandparents who don’t quite see things as their adult children do. Here are some things today’s grandparents should understand about their children and grandchildren to minimize frustrations.

Things HAVE Changed

It may sound obvious and trite, but grandparents need to accept that times have changed. As you get older, that is harder to swallow, but it is the foundation of understanding why things are heading where they are. It may be frustrating and aggravating, but it is the truth. Your parents dealt with it as did their parents. Now it’s your turn. Sorry.

Where People Seek Advice Has Changed

Your children and grandchildren are probably more likely to seek the advice of their friends and online groups, reviews, and forums as they are from you. The years may have provided you with wisdom and experience. The sad reality is that your adult children and even grandchildren may not appreciate it. If you have young grandchildren, tell them all your stories while they are willing to listen.

Seniority May Not Carry the Weight You Had Hoped For

Did you envision a time when your children and grandchildren would always be coming to visit or inviting you over? You may be counting your blessings if you get an actual phone call once in a while. Texts are more likely. A video stream may be a treat. If you see your children and grandchildren too often, be grateful. It may not always be this way.

A One or a Five Is the New Shiny Quarter

Intellectually, you may understand inflation and time has taken its toll, but sometimes grandparents can forget that. There’s no shame in sending a gift card. In fact, your adult children and grandchildren may prefer them.

Make no mistake, being a grandparent can be amazingly rewarding. But if your expectations are too high, it can also have its disappointments. You may not be the center of everyone’s universe that you had hoped you would be.

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